Slightly carbonated natural mineral water

Some people just love slightly carbonated water. Because of its potability, as well as the perfect balance of ingredients, each sip of slightly sparkling Voda Vrnjci turns into a real pleasure. It is ideal for those who understand the importance of entering minerals entering in body and really do not like strong sparkling water.

Slightly carbonated Voda Vrnjci offers the energy to your body; their ingredients and minerals are sent to all the important functions of the body.

By drinking the slightly carbonated Voda Vrnjci, you'll be fresher and more awake, and the beneficial effect of sodium, which regulates the body's water balance, you will feel in your digestive system and urethras as an excellent diuretic. The ideal calcium-magnesium ratio of 2:1 will help the body to absorb all the needed minerals from water. It is ideal for you because it speeds up metabolism, stimulates burning of excess weight and reduces the effects of stress.


Description: PET bottles, 2L
Bar code: 8600036006094
Transport Packaging: 6 x 2L

Ingredients: mg/L
Carbon dioxide (CO2) min. 1500,00 Bicarbonates (HCO3-) 994,30
Sodium (Na+) 203,70 Chloride (Cl-) 18,00
Potassium (K+) 29,50 Sulfates (SO4-) 38,10
Calcium (Ca++) 68,00 Fluoride (F-) 1,33
Magnesium (Mg++) 51,50 Dry rest at 180ºC 939,00