The water that lives on for thousands of years

After the Roman conquest of the Balkans, at the end of the old and the beginning of a new era, the Vrnjci mineral water was used for refreshment and swimming! The following artefacts were found: a regulated mineral water spring, a swimming pool and plenty of coins depicting Roman emperors, proving that Romans built their baths and spas here. These were visited mostly by Roman legionaries and Romanized tribe chiefs.

Coins depicting Roman emperors, were left by Romans near the spring due to cult proceedings, as a gesture of gratitude to the gods for the gift of nature- the healing water. Hence our bottles are embellished by a symbol of a roman coin, reflecting the fact that our water has survived two eras! The coin imprinted on our bottles bears a portrait of Emperor Constantine, one of the most important rulers of Roman and world history, displaying corporate identity of Vrnjci.

The dates we are proud of

Mineral waters of Vrnjačka Banja were initially used only by residents and those who visited the town of Vrnjačka Banja. To make this precious gift of nature available to everyone, the management of Vrnjačka Banja Health Center decided to set up a bottling plant in 1969. Thus, on February 5th 1970 the company of Water Vrnjci was founded. The production commenced some months upon the foundation and the company name withstood the test of time.

In its first year (that also saw Voda Vrnjci's breaking into market), at the First International Fair of plum Brandy, Spirits and Soft Drinks, Voda Vrnjci was proclaimed the best among 76 competitors, wining a gold medal and a Grand Prize. Until May 1976, the company's sole product had been bottled mineral water, sold under its own brand name "Voda Vrnjci". In May 1976 the company expanded its product range with refreshing non-alcoholic beverages.

The company was successfully transferred to private sector in 2004. Today, Voda Vrnjci is amongst the most advanced companies of the branch Serbia and the Balkans.

Positioned among the top three companies natural mineral water bottlers/soft beverage producers, Voda Vrnjci integrates business development and social responsibility. We have been devoted to the nature for 40 years. And the nature replenished.

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